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Coffee Party with Dr. Jerry Nelson in Vietnam

U.S./ Vietnamese Science and Technology Meeting

Professors Jerry Nelson and Joe Hobbs attend the 8th U.S.-Vietnam Science and Technology Joint Committee Meeting in Washington D.C., September 23-24 2013.

Vietnam’s Friend for Growth Seminar Series Computer and Bussiness

VSA at the International Welcome Party 2013

VSA 2013 Executive Board



VSA Welcome Party 2013




Srping 2013 reports of the Vietnam's Friends for Growth Seminar Series.


Gender in Literary Studied and Cultural Studied





Website Update in Progress

The website of the Vietnam Institute has been in the progress of improving and will be going live and actively updated in the end of November, 2014. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience it may cause you while browsing this current version. For the mean time, we are posting daily at the Facebook page of the Vietnam Institute ( You can also email us at and we will respond as soon as possible in one or two working days.

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The Vietnam Institute Welcomes New Students

Among the exciting starts and continuums of a new school year, to the Vietnamese community at the University of Missouri, new batch of Vietnamese Tigers has appeared to be an essential part that everyone always looks forward to.

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Panel Discussion on Vietnam War Protest at Mizzou

A panel discussion on Vietnam War protest activities, sponsored by MU Peace Studies, happened on Monday, April 2, 2014, at the Tucker Hall. Around 100 people attended including Vietnam veterans, spring 1970 protesters, professors, students, and several MizzouVSA members. The evening started with Bob Dylan and Pete Seeger protest songs, recalling the anti-war spirit of America during the 1970s.

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VSA Newsletter Summer 2014

Previous Newsletters


Annual Activities: International Night

On Saturday, March 8, 2014, many people, all with different backgrounds and ethnicities, filled the seats of Jesse Hall Auditorium, all excited to attend MU’s International Night. This is an annual event held by MSA GPC International Programming Committee in order to celebrate various cultures represented on Mizzou campus.

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Launching of An Nho O Dau

or Vietnamese Couchsurfing Network

We are glad to inform you the launching of An nho o dau or Vietnamese couchsurfing network on 3/12/2014 at

This is a social network created by Hien Nguyen, a graduate student in Economics at the University of Missouri-Columbia, Dzung Phan, a graduate student in Computer Science at University of Massachusetts at Boston and Nhan La a graduate student in Public Health at Penn State University.

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