Nearly 20 new Vietnamese students at the University of Missouri – Columbia were invited to the Vietnamese Student Orientation held by The Vietnam Institute on Friday August 27th, 2010.

At the orientation, new students had an opportunity to meet the University administrators, Dr. Handy Williamson, University vice Provost, Dr. George Justice, Dean of Graduate School, Mr. Sang Kim, Director of Asian Affairs Center and Dr. Teresa Cooney, Officer at Graduate School, who is in charge with paper work related to Vietnamese students.

Participants at the Orientation session

New students also learnt the significant activities of Vietnam Institute in 2010 and guidelines on keeping their study and social life in balance though the presentation of Dr. Joseph Hobbs, Director of The Institute.

The orientation became more exciting when Thinh Tran, a Master student at Public Affair, shared his experiences in adapting new life at University of Missouri, such as how to use Myzou and Blackboard, how to borrow books from library, how to buy a used car, etc.

After the orientation, all students and guests were invited to the Barbecue Welcome party held by the Vietnamese Students Association at Rock Quarry Park.

On the day after, Saturday August 28th, all Vietnamese students got together to prepare “Bánh Xèo”, Vietnamese pancakes, and served at the International Welcome Party. During that night, international friends were attracted not only by Vietnamese taste but also by the traditional implements, such as “áo dài”, long dress and “nón lá”, conical palm hat. This event is also a chance for Vietnamese students to make friends and to learn about the various cultures from many countries in the world.