On the first days of November 2010, Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) at MU held an event “Brownies for Flood Victims in Vietnam” in front of Memorial Union of the University of Missouri. At the same time, millions of people living in the central of Vietnam were confronting with one of the most terrible flood in history. Hundreds of people died.

“Brownies for Flood Victims in Vietnam” is an event where Vietnamese students at MU could share their concerns about their country to international friends.

After three days, the event raised a fund of $750, exceeding VSA board’s expectation.

The money was sent to a kindergarten in Quang Tri province in Vietnam. This is one of places suffering severe destructions in the flood. Ms. Bich Ha, a headmistress of the school, announced that they received the money, and would use it to buy books and learning equipment in this academic year. She and her school board are glad to send their deep gratitude to Vietnamese students and their friends at MU.