“*I am happy to see the number of Vietnamese students at MU increases significantly in the past ten years.*” said Mr. Le Thanh Binh, Counselor, Head of Office of Science and Technology at the Vietnam Embassy in the U.S., in a meeting at the Vietnam Institute on March 15th, 2012.

Mr. Binh and his colleague at the Embassy of Vietnam, Minister Counselor Nguyen Vu Tung, Vietnamese Deputy Chief of Mission were invited to attend the Christopher S. “Kit” Bond Lecture Series at the University of Missouri-Columbia in March, 2012. Along with their visit, Mr. Tung and Mr. Binh had a friendly meeting with Vietnamese students and an official meeting with Dr. Joseph Hobbs, Director of the Vietnam Institute, and Mr. Sang Kim, Director of the Asian Affairs Center and Missouri International Training Institute.

Meeting at the Vietnamese Institute office

After Dr. Hobbs gave a short introduction about the Vietnam Institute, Mr. Tung and Mr. Binh expressed their pleasure to see the growth of young Vietnamese population on campus. Then, Mr. Tung highlighted challenges for Vietnam such as food security, negative impacts of climate change and application of technology in food production. The two dignitaries also discussed the research opportunities between MU and Vietnam, particularly in the issues of climate change and the used of water resources in Mekong delta.

A group photo with Mr. Tung (4th from right) and Mr. Binh (4th from left) in front of Geography Department's building.

In the meeting, Mr. Tung also emphasized the needs of young leaders who have strong critical point of views and capacity to suggest policy for Vietnam. Therefore, he encouraged Vietnamese students take interest in public policy and project management courses at MU.

At the end of the meeting, Dr. Hobbs shared his wish to keep corresponding with the Embassy and his happiness to be a part of the efforts brings MU closer to the people, universities and institutions of Vietnam.