On a beautiful Sunday morning in Hanoi, Mizzou alumni had an pleasant reunion on the 4th floor of Avalon Cafe Lounge with Mr. Sang Kim who traveled all the way from Mizzou.

Spring has come to Hanoi; we could see a fresh view of Sword Lake surrounded by spudding greens over the lounge’s balcony. Some alumni were back to Vietnam for a few years, some have come back last year but this doesn’t matter, Mizzou Tigers get to know each other real fast.

After some small talks, Mr. Sang Kim started his opening speech with his real cool sense of humour. As he experienced, prospective students had a lot of similar questions and specific ones every time University of Missouri hold a meeting for them in Hanoi. He expected that it would be great if Mizzou alumni can help those prospective students. Mr. Sang Kim also proposed the idea of maintaining and developing a Mizzou alumni organization in Vietnam. As Vietnam Institute Flyers were brought up, many memories came back to Mizzou alumni.

Around 10:30 a.m., Mizzou prospective students came and raised a lot of specific questions. Mr. Sang Kim and Mizzou alumni both helped answer questions on application and contacts. Prospective students were given small gifts from the school and Mizzou brochures for more detailed info. Time flied fast and it was lunch time already.

After taking group pictures, we decided to have lunch together at GatGu restaurant in 2D QuangTrung Street. It is a Vietnamese traditional restaurant with great food; my favourite one was the beef-crab hotpot. During the meal, everyone had many chances to talk and get to know more about each other. Lunch ended at 2 p.m.; contacts were all collected and we are all looking forward to holding more Mizzou alumni meetings in the future.

(Photo by Thinh Tran)