By Joseph Hobbs

Jerry Nelson and Joe Hobbs attended the 8th Annual Vietnam/US Joint Commission Meeting (JCM) on Science and Technology in Washington D.C. on September 23-24, 2013.

On the first day scientists split up into six “working groups:” Health and Medical Sciences, Biotechnology and Agriculture, STEM Education and Research, Conservation Science, Space Sciences, and Hydrology, Meteorology and Storm Warning. Dr. Nelson attended the working group on Biotechnology and Agriculture while Dr. Hobbs participated in Conservation Science. Each group reviewed recent and ongoing efforts in their fields and identified action items for collaboration in the next two year period.

During the second day’s plenary session at the U.S. State Department each group reported on plans for future collaboration as part of a greater Action Plan for 2013-2015. There were broader discussions of partnerships to support research and innovation, and of best practices in public-private-community partnerships to facilitate innovation/technology commercialization.

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The Vietnamese Delegation to the JCM
Jerry Nelson speaks with a Vietnamese colleague at the Plenary Session, U.S. State Department, September 24