(Information taken from the MITI Programs section of the Asian Affairs Center website)

The Missouri International Training Institute (MITI) was created by the University of Missouri and the Missouri State Office of Economic Development to promote global trade links and provide international managers with training programs in business, management, and numerous related fields.

Drawing upon the wide array of resources available from the university, state and local governments, and Missouri corporations, MITI has conducted training programs ranging from one week to six months in length. MITI pride itself on tailoring its programs to clients’ needs. MITI training typically combines academic presentations with briefings and exchanges with representatives from state/local government and private business - all with the goal of maximizing clients’ strategic knowledge base and creating opportunities for future linkages. The MITI training program often acts as the first step in a continuing relationship between the client and contacts made in Missouri and the Midwest. The institute offers programs in many fields, including the following:

  • Global trade issues and business promotion
  • Biotechnology and other life sciences
  • Finance and economics
  • Environmental protection
  • Agriculture and trade
  • Energy conservation and alternative sources
  • Western legal systems
  • Journalism

Below is the list of full courses, details and program brochures.

  1. English and Professional Immersion (EPI) - Brochure

  2. Asian Scholars Program (ASP) - Brochure

  3. English Proficiency and American Culture (EPAC)

  4. International Leadership, Excellence, and Professionalism (I-LEAP) - Brochure

  5. Leadership through English Advancement & Development (LEAD) - Brochure - Program

  6. Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

  7. Global Leadership (GLP) - Brochure - Program

  8. Professional Training Programs

  9. Intercollegiate Mastery Program And Cultural Training (IMPACT)

  10. English Language and American Immersion (ELAI)