There was an enthusiastic crowd, great food and the usual quality program and demonstration of cultural highlights. It was a fitting cultural event for the Vietnamese and was an excellent demonstration of Vietnam’s most important national event to the numerous Americans and other nationalities who were there. The attendance was near 175 including about 20-25 professors, many including their spouses. Many Vietnamese students brought their major professor or other American friends.

The party was also the occasion for the Vietnamese Student Association to recognize the Vietnam Institute’s board for their roles in Vietnam and with the Vietnamese people and students. Dr. Nelson, Co-Director of the Vietnam Institute said, “I thought the Tet Party was one of the best, if not the best ever. I have learned much about life in Vietnam and rich culture of the Vietnamese people that has been rewarding and heart-warming to me. It is especially gratifying to get to know so many talented students who want to make a difference, not only for themselves, but for their country as it continues to grow into an international leader”.