Demand for English children books is on the rise in Vietnam. Learning English has become more and more important because young people with good English will be prepared to get better opportunities in studying and in job markets. However, many Vietnamese parents cannot afford to buy English books that are much more expensive when imported to Vietnam. Founded in October 2014 by a Mizzou alumna, Nguyen Doan, Seeds of Dreams (SoD) is a non-profit library that provides free access to books written in English for children and parents who live in Danang City, Vietnam. By filling the gap between poor public services and expensive private services by providing library services and helping people to learn English in Vietnam, SoD aims to make studying English more fun and affordable. They do this by fostering a love of reading among children and their families by providing them age-appropriate books through a library where everyone can easily borrow books, get reading recommendations, and share experiences about their journey of building the love of books for their children. SoD staff want children to be excited about books and to feel the magic books can create.

To keep costs low, Nguyen Doan and her friends buy used children books and take book donations in the U.S., and then ship the books to Vietnam. SoD also uses a lot of volunteers (students and parents) in organizing activities for children such as Storytime, English story-telling competitions, and celebrating children-based holidays. During the last two years, SoD has received many good feedbacks, strong encouragement, and support from users and the communities it serves. If you want to know more details or want to support SoD, please contact Nguyen Doan at