After long time of initiation and facilitation, in April 2017, TVI and the Asian Affairs Center were successful in signing a memorandum of understanding between MU and the Cuu Long Rice Research Institute (CLRRI) of Vietnam. This MOU promotes advancement of scientific research and education in a range of disciplines associated with enhancing educational and research capacity. Potential projects early on could focus on 1) graduate education in a wide spectrum of specialties 2) high quality M.S. and Ph.D. programs for capacity- building 3) short-term visits of CLRRI of MU scientists for learning methodologies and 4) financial support of joint research and professional development for visiting faculty and graduate students from both institutions. In June 2017, TVI also helped with the MOU signing between MU and Vietnam National University of Agriculture (VNUA)

So far, there have been several graduate students and visiting scholars from CLRRI and VNUA at MU. Hopefully, the MOU will boost education and research cooperation between MU and the two institutions!