Today, September 20, 2017, the Vietnam Institute’s core members including Dr. Anne-Marie Foley, Dr. Mike Alden, Dr. Larry Dill, Dr. Jerry Nelson, Mr. Sang Kim, Dr. Joe Hobbs and Ms. Van Nguyen(TVI assistant) had the first meeting this semester to discuss opportunities of collaboration between the University of Missouri and Vietnam and future TVI activities.

The following are the meeting minutes:

Updates on the Service-Learning programs and trategies to expand collaboration in Vietnam (Dr. Foley and Dr. Alden)

Intership programs and opportunities to partner with Vietnamese students, universities, and companies in Vietnam(Dr. Dill)

Vietnamese volunteers (Mr. Kim)

Funding for graduate students in Vietnam (Dr. Nelson)

Multifaith visit to MU in early November (Dr. Hobbs)

Proposal to collaborate on teaching opportinities in Vietnam for MU undergrads and grads (Ms. Nguyen)

TVI funding (Dr. Hobbs and Dr. Alden)